Meditation Made Simple

Meditation Made Simple™
Train your mind to create happiness, peace & success

Meditation Made Simple™ a unique, life-changing program created by Vikas Malkani, founder of SoulCentre. It has transformed the lives of thousands around the world.

Happy Meditators

What are benefits of meditation confirmed by research?

  1. Productivity – Emotion journal found that meditation improves working memory which is responsible for managing information, controlling emotions, problem solving, and complex thought – great for sports enthusiasts too
  2. Teenagers – Harvard University found It is good for surely teenagers
  3. Pain Management – Researchers in Montreal found that meditation helps with chronic pain
  4. Depression – Journal of Neurology reported a 30 percent decrease in depressive symptoms for chronic patients
  5. Menopause – helps women manage hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms such as anxiety
  6. Heart Attack and Stroke – an AMA study lowered heart attacks and strokes by 50 percent

For more details read the original article.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to live a stress-free life?

In 4 short sessions that are fun, easy to learn and highly effective, you gain everything you need to live a happy and joyful life. You can start to see the benefits from day one!

In these sessions, you will receive practical wisdom that will truly transform your life. You will also learn effective techniques of meditation to live an optimal life of happiness, joy and peace.

You will discover how your mind works, and clearly see how everything you create arises from how you think. You will learn simple but effective techniques that can be used in just 30 seconds, in the middle of your active day, to bring you happiness and inner peace.

You can use what you learn at work, at home, and even while you are in the midst of activity.

Meditation Made Simple™ is easy to understand and a joy to practice. Attend a course and see the results for yourself!

Meditation Made Simple™ is completely non-religious.



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