Master Your Mind Through Meditation

Meditation has thrived for thousands of years in different parts of the world because of it’s effectiveness. Meditation is totally non-religious.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that is ancient, and scientific. It reveals the nature of your mind and shows you how to master it. At SoulCentre we teach you multiple techniques for mindfulness and meditation so that you might practice the technique that is easiest to incorporate into your lifestyle.  We also teach you how your mind works and how it affects the daily actions you take in your life.

Meditation techniques give you effective tools to make your thoughts positive, peaceful and powerful.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Broad Meditation results include:
-a happier, stress free life
-health benefits
-performance benefits

Your life happier and stress free with a calm peaceful mind, stable emotions, positive thinking, control of anger and freedom from anxiety you receive with meditation.

Meditations health benefits include regulated blood pressure, relaxation of the nervous system, stronger immune system and improved flow of life energy in the body. For almost every health challenge, Meditation can be beneficial. It also creates anti-ageing effects in the body and mind.

With performance benefits, you can manage change, increase energy etc. Meditation helps with intelligence, learning ability, concentration, relationships, self-esteem and personal development.

Once you learn it, Meditation it is available for you to use easily at any moment. With a little investment of time each day, you feel empowered. You receive a sense of inner freedom and power. All happiness and sorrow, success and failure, harmony and disharmony begin with our mind. The time, energy and effort you invest in training your mind is the best investment you make for yourself., says Vikas Malkani.

Attend one of our unique meditation programs trademarked from Singapore and created by Vikas Malkani. These courses have changed the lives of thousands worldwide. Vikas is a best -selling author, renowned life guide. His books include ‘The Little Manual of Meditation’ which you will receive in the course and many other books on personal growth.

Now available in San Luis Obispo, Vikas taught and certified Deborah Carlson to teach his courses. See an immediate benefit in your life and start with Meditation Made Simple. At your own pace, you can progress all the way to Teacher level if you choose.

Call Deborah at 805-234-1411 for more information about our courses.

“Vikas is a master of the science of Meditation” Swami Chaitanya Keerti Editor of Osho World Magazine (India)

Meditation helped me to recover successfully from a burn-out in 2009 and has become an important part of my life since then. I have found inner peace and stability and know that whatever happens in my life, I can respond to it in a positive and calm way. I now realize that the greatest gift that you can give yourself is meditation. I am deeply thankful that with meditation I am closer to my truth! Goran Musulin, HR Director (Asia & Australia), Siemens Healthcare Singapore

“Meditation has shown me the path to living in the moment. I am definitely calmer and can see each day fully. I feel a sense of lightness within myself.” Rhonda Howarth Kuo (Australia)

“It has made me more conscious of the many blessings in my life. It has given me calmness and I live consciously every second of every day.” Kit Kuan Wong (Singapore)

Meditation has and is continuing to help clear clutter from my mind all the Non-value adding stuff such as unnecessary worries, unfounded suspicions and fears. It has given me clarity, focus and energy to deal with work and relationships” Ruth Chua, Founder, Gaia Yoga (Singapore)

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