SoulKids Book of Self Confidence 1

by Vikas Malkani & Sally Forrest

SoulKids Book of Self Confidence

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A Singapore Best-Seller!

The SoulKids Book of Self-Confidence is a unique story book which is sure to have a lasting impact on the reader. Self Confidence, Overcoming Fears, Increased Focus, Determination, Patience……..these are some of the lessons in its beautiful color pages. ‘ Recommended Reading for Christmas’ by Borders in their 2009  catalog, this unique and powerful book changes the mindset in children and adults alike. Its stories and lessons make you aware of your inner potential and give you ways to bring it out to arrive at happiness and success. The stories can be read on their own or paired with the SoulKids program to trigger change from within. Each page is in full color and the book contains beautiful artwork by children who have participated in the SoulKids program.

You can pick a story for reading aloud to your children, and in a fun manner, teach them different lessons of independence, self-belief, teamwork or self awareness.  You can delight them with the woodpecker’s focus, the spider’s patience, little Megan’s steps towards her goal or the deaf frog’s self-belief. Recommended reading to expand your child’s mind (and yours too). Also makes a perfect and memorable gift.

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