SoulKids® is a specially designed experiential program targeted at children aged 6 to 16.  It aims to transform children in very short period of time. The inner beliefs and thought patterns of children are explored and positive changes made. Training techniques include games, play, exercises and stories to develop a myriad of skills.

The program is aimed to help children step into the world as complete, confident individuals.

Classes are conducted in 2 different age groups (6 to 11 & 12 to 16 years). The children get opportunities to mix with other children of different ages where they learn to work as a team, understand to lead and to follow, and work with people who are not like them.

The 2 full-day class is usually held over the weekends and we also have weekday modules that work from Monday to Friday, each session being of 2½hrs duration. There are also special classes for companies and groups where a 1 day intensive program is taught.
Teaching techniques also include positive self-talk, developing self-reference, connecting with the senses, nurturing stillness, building confidence, facing their fears and learning team skills.

The SoulKids® program is available in 3 different specialized modules.
1. Self–Confidence                     2. Creativity
3. Awareness Quotient
In all the 3 modules, apart from the specialized training given on the chosen subject, children become aware of how their mind works and how they are responsible for their action.
By working with children of different ages and in teams, they learn what it means to be an effective leader and a supportive team-player. They become aware of the need to communicate effectively with one another.

Check out the calendar for course schedules or contact us for more information.

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