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Hi!  I’m Deborah Carlson and these are my two boys Shaan and Dhru.  In 2013 we returned to San Luis Obispo after living in Middle East and Asia. In January 2009,  I was hired as Director in Singapore to head Asia for an software company. In this position I was responsibility for over 12 major countries including Greater China, India, South Korea and the many countries that make up South East Asia.  As a single mom of two boys, we were new to Singapore and undergoing a huge life change.  I thought it would be great for my sons to attend SoulKids – Self Confidence to introduce them to other kids and give us all a break from the moving and unpacking.

What I didn’t expect was a complete change in my children… The first day I picked them up from the course they were smiley and happy and had obviously had a great time. (Sometimes from programs, they cannot wait to go home.)  Then the next morning I woke up and there were two boys all ready to go an hour early (and that NEVER happens).

However the biggest change was my son’s attitude change.  I have one son who is advanced and bright and he had more patience with others that were slow and was more likely to help others.  My other son,a challenged learner, suddenly went from not even trying to complete math tests, to being proud of the questions he answered correctly and being more focused on his own accomplishments.

It was so amazing, I had to find out what happened in that two day course. I decided to become a SoulKids Mentor and learn to teach the program.  I’ve now been a mentor for three years and have taught many SoulKids courses and seen so many great changes.  It is so rewarding to have parents tell me how much SoulKids has changed their children.   I give up my weekends to teach SoulKids and it has been an amazing experience.

In fact I believe in SoulKids soo much, I am bringing it to the United States first to San Luis Obispo – the happiest town in America.  I welcome you to contact me with any questions about SoulKids or becoming a SoulKids Mentor, and I hope to meet you in person one day.

With love and gratitude,


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