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Website Display2SoulCentre helps adults and children who are fed up with their mind racing, their inner critic taking over and are ready to learn knowledge and skills to gain focus, positive thinking and live their best possible life.

Email Deborah or call 805-234-1411 to learn more about our internationally recognized programs. All of our programs are short, fun and effective.  Our most popular programs include:

Meditation Made Simple


SoulKids Essential Life Skills

SoulKids Book of Self Confidence

Book of Self Confidence I

Our best selling books and courses are short, fun, and effective. Taken by thousands world wide.

Be where you are celebrated, not tolerated” – Vikas Malkani, founder SoulCentre Pte Ltd

At SoulCentre we are dedicated to transforming lives. We combine simplicity with creative  teaching to enable you to enjoy an efficient, abundant, healthy, happy and stress-free life.


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